Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So...anybody need a wedding dress..?

Remember that one time I bought a wedding dress because I thought I was going to get married? And then I didn't get married which was a bummer at the time *but* a total miracle in the end because I got married a few years later and life all worked out?

WELL. I've been lugging this wedding dress around since then and I'm really REALLY ready to have it go to someone else who will wear it and use it and let it make them happy on their big day.

Here are some pictures!
(first two are not me. shocking, I know. 
BUT they show the dress fully constructed, so I thought you might enjoy that.)

 I hated the pleated top and had it removed (by a professional!). I still have the top, so if whoever wants it wants the top - it's all yours! I'm including the garment bag, too. The ONLY thing missing is the ribbon (shown under the bust in the top pictures). $75 OBO.

Anyways. I'm currently storing TWO wedding dresses in my tiny apartment, so if you know anyone who's in the market for a pretty rad organza, drop waist, pick-up skirt wedding dress with a killer train you just send 'em my way.

Thanks y'all.

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