Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's Talk Pregnancy (part 1)

Things I expected:
-Mild discomfort
-Eating whatever I want, whenever I want without any sense of shame or embarrassment
-Looking adorable in maternity clothes
   NOTE: Two of those four things definitely happened. The other two..? Mmm debatable.

Things I didn't expect:
-24/7 congestion
-Finding myself unable to catch my breath several times a day
-The feeling that my tiny fetus is trying to karate chop her way out of my uterus
   NOTE: She's only like 3 pounds right now, right? I swear she must be 3 pounds of PURE freaking MUSCLE because, let me tell you, little mama knows how to KO my insides at 4 am.
-How many INTERNAL ultrasounds I'd need (sooo not fun)
-How difficult rolling over in/getting out of bed would become
-The inability to sleep comfortably. Ever. No matter what.

Fatigue, nausea (it never 100% goes away, now does it?), headaches, back aches, feeling like a gigantic blob of blobbiness. <--real been="been" definitely="definitely" different="different" expected.="expected." has="has" i="i" p="p" pregnancy="pregnancy" swear.="swear." than="than" what="what" word="word">
I feel like there are women out there who sincerely enjoy every moment of pregnancy. I feel like I've met them before in the hallways of church? Or read their blogs? Or...made them up in my own mind to torment myself with comparisons? Not entirely sure.

I've enjoyed MOST of my pregnancy. That's a victory, right? I know for sure that the first thing I'm going to do after coming home from the hospital with this baby on the outside of me (after I heal for six weeks...ick) is lay FLAT on my face/stomach and sleep (until she starts crying...which will probably give me a solid 15 minute nap).

Until next time.


Mrs.Smith said...

Bad news, good news...
It doesn't take 6 weeks to heal. It's more like a year, actually, until you truly feel *completely* recovered. You'll think you're better before then, which is nice, but after a year the fog clears and you go, "Whoa! It's nice to be back!"


Good news. Unless you're doing a c-section (my condolences) you should be able to lay on that tummy right away!

Calee said...

My doctors have given me no other option. C-section for me! Boo.

I will throw myself a freakin party the day I can finally (comfortably) sleep on my belly.

Melody said...

Don't believe anything you hear in the hallways at church.


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