Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's Talk Pregnancy - part 2

First trimester = non stop sickness
Second trimester = lots of stretching/discomfort & pain
Third trimester = total and complete loss of sanity

Some women get tired during their first trimester. All I really felt was sick. Constantly. I'd wake up sick in the middle of the night and be unable to fall back asleep after forcing myself to get up and eat.

I've never felt so tired (without having first putting myself through a hellish work out, at least) as I feel now. The last two weeks have been ridiculous. The exhaustion hit me as quickly as morning sickness left at the end of my first trimester. (My morning sickness was completely gone one Monday morning during my 15th week. After having been SO SICK 24/7 for weeks on end that I couldn't believe I felt so amazing! And then I got scared. So scared that I called my Dr, went in that morning, and bawled like a crazy person when they found her heartbeat. From then on it was just on-and-off sickness...nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little snack [usually french fries].) Anyway.

I've been resisting the urge to nap during the day because I feel like napping wastes time & if I just push through feeling sluggish I'll eventually snap out of it. Usually that works. Today? No dice. 8 hours of sleep last night, followed by a solid 20 minutes of consciousness to make me & husband breakfast, followed by a two hour nap and now I'm ready for another one. Like, my eyes are burning and my body feels like it weighs a million pounds. It's so weird. I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING ALL DAY. What the heck?!

Not only am I super, ridiculously tired, I'm also completely crazy. I can't stop cleaning things. And reorganizing things. Example: Last night I couldn't sleep before vacuuming. I felt like the floor was SO dirty that I just could NOT let it go one more second! So I vacuumed. At midnight. I'm sure all of my neighbors really appreciated it. Then I did the dishes, pulled everything out from under our bed and reorganized that. Took apart the table/storage area in our kitchen and pulled our shoes and coats from the bedroom and set them up there. Made the bed (yes, at midnight. Shaun wasn't home from work yet haha). I was contemplating tackling the bathroom when he walked in and saved me from myself.

ALSO IMPORTANT (not really, but I'm going to blog like it is!): I need to replace all of our blinds before the baby comes. They're dingy and discolored and I'm 90% sure she's going to contract something nasty if I don't get rid of them immediately. Plus, they're at least a century old (true story. when we first moved in, our landlord told us our apartment was "recently remodeled" and the nicest one! husband and I looked at each other like...uh...seriously? turns out it was remodeled in the early 1970's. ...yeah...).

...I just stared at the screen for ten minutes and then started falling asleep. I feel pretty freaking lucky that I have the option of going to lay down right'm going to take advantage.

Next installment: A lively discussion on DIY hair bows! How many does one really need? Does anyone else feel like Utah moms go a liiiiittle overboard with how big they make theirs? Is "theirs" a word? How many hours can I sleep today before I should be concerned? I digress.

TTYL, friends.


Lissy said...

Hang in there, cute mama! A few words of advice: (though I know it is hard to believe it till you've lived it) Rest while you can as much as you can! And to make you feel better about it, note it is best not to over-sterilize - a little dirt is good for babies. Seriously - if they don't get enough natural bacteria in their mouths and then you have to go on an antibiotic or something... they can get thrush and that can be a pain to get rid of. You can get it in your nipples too - and keep passing it back and forth so keep them dry and don't think you have to sterilize everything that goes in your baby's mouth any more than you'd wash stuff you put in your own.

Francesca said...

I am already exhausted this pregnancy, in my first trimester,(and really sick too) and I stay at home all day! I take naps when my son does.

Sounds like you're nesting. I didn't go through that. And yes, those bows are HUGE and "theirs" is a word.

Lara said...

You make a fabulous pregnant lady! and I also feel validated after reading this and just having taken a three hour nap... after being awake for three :)

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