Tuesday, January 3, 2017

An Update of Sorts


You know what I've discovered? (other than the HOT IRON HOLSTER and holy crap it's changed my bathroom's life - and, no, no one is paying me to say that haha) What I've discovered is that I really like Instagram. I like Instagram because I can snap a cute picture on my phone, add a humorous/silly/thoughtful few lines of text, post it to my IG and - within a few minutes - I have likes and comments and validation (go ahead and judge! social media validation might be pretty pathetic, but it's a real thing and it helps me sometimes when I'm having a bad day, ok?!) and the entire process takes me less than two minutes. I feel connected to all of you, and I feel good about it. 

Blogging is a little more difficult. It requires more thought...more planning. All of the additional space for words and thoughts equates to a deeper level of honesty for me. Looking around the blogging-world I recognize that honesty isn't necessarily something that ALL bloggers feel motivated by (have you read THIS article yet? it's been posted and re-posted all over my facebook feed lately...I haven't decided 100% how I feel about it yet, but he makes some interesting points!)

"So, what's the problem?" you might ask. "Is being honest difficult for you, Calee..?"

The answer isn't that simple - but, if I were to get right down to it, I guess I would say: yes.

I want to be honest, believe me. I'm one of those people who was born (gifted or cursed depending on the situation haha) with the tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve, to share my opinions and feelings openly. It seems, though, that being really - totally and completely - honest isn't always acceptable. Being brutally honest can garner feedback about how I need to work on being more positive as a person (don't worry, I've kicked all of those people in the kneecaps), feedback about being careful to not air my dirty laundry for the world to see/hear/be shocked by, feedback about having more faith.

The reason I'm telling you all of this, is because I'm going to start opening back up and being here more often - even though that level of honesty feels a bit scary and daunting lately. The last few years have taught me a lot of things (my marital issues, my sick baby, my divorce, etc) of the hardest lessons for me to un-learn has been the need to be quiet. To keep my mouth shut and suck it up emotionally and just be quiet. Have any of you wondered why I complained so loudly all over my social media about V being so sick..? Other than the fact that her first year and a half was nothing short of hellish, torturous and nightmarish - I was experiencing other incredibly difficult things that didn't have a voice. I didn't feel like I could say those things, I didn't feel like they were safe to share. Anyways.

There is healing in honesty. There is healing in not being quiet. Don't worry, all of you worriers out there, haha. I'm not going to start spilling my guts about all of my deep darkness (OR WILL I??). I'm just going to stop being stopped by the fear of judgement and chastisement. 

So here I am. Hey. Hi. Hello. It's been a while. Good to see you again. ::virtual high five::

I'm going to try to share weekly here - with videos of my favorite Christian songs and thoughts on life and motherhood and being single and dating and how it's all scary and wonderful and crazy and awesome and weird and hard. 

Thanks for caring - and even if you don't, thanks for reading all the way down to this last line.



Clay and Jessica Brown said...

I'm so excited to have you post more often! Honesty is great-I even prefer the brutal honesty. Hah! You are amazing and have a way with words! Keep it up!

Calee said...

hey this is the nicest! thank you :)

Mandi Roth said...

I love honesty. I'm one of those worriers and want to be more honest in every way. But fear and judgement from others hold me back. I love that your posting again. You always inspire me and I feel like I'm not alone in my world, and maybe just maybe I can start to open up and actually use my blog... maybe. I need to let go of the fear and worry! Ugh! You are awesome. Im excited for posting more. Oh and I love your instagram. ❤

Susan said...

Hi Calee -
I had the opportunity to hear you speak this last weekend at TOFW in Castle Rock. Stumbled upon your blog after searching for "what not to say to divorced people", a video I remembered seeing but didn't put two and two together that you had divorced. Duh! Go fig?!? Anyways...thanks for being honest. Even about the tough, hard to hear stuff. Because...people need to know they are no the only ones that go through it. That's how I felt 8 years ago when my world imploded. Mine imploded so publicly though that through the years that followed, sisters in similar situations sought me out which helped me heal and hopefully helped others. Thanks for being a positive influence of strong faith even in the darkest of times. That faith might have been shaken and only the size of a mustard seed, but it's gotten you through and grows and has been shared and influences. You got this girl!

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