Friday, May 3, 2013


As much as I'm SURE you'd LOVE for me to regale you with tales of sleepless nights, indigestion, reflux and  screaming babies...I'm just going to post pictures instead :)

These were all taken by Nikki (my sister). Enjoy!

FIRST! Please tell me how cute this little face is?! Holy moly we fell in love immediately.

 Earlier that morning:
 I remember thinking,"I don't look that big. My belly is hardly that big at all!" Haha. 
Looking at this picture I'm thinking," wonder I felt so miserable." :)

 Mom's ring.
Note: I delivered my baby at the same hospital my Mom delivered me at! And the same hospital Nikki had her first baby girl at.Tender.
 I'm laughing to keep myself from crying 
(out of terror knowing we were less than an hour away from having a baby).
 Starting to wonder what on earth I got myself into...SO STRESSED at this point!
 Completely freaking out. Sisters!
Another note: Kristina helped SO MUCH the week after Vi was born. I honestly think I would've had a complete nervous breakdown without her. She's an angel.
 Love this one :)


Here are the pictures Nikki snapped as I was seeing my baby for the first time!! 
I'm so happy she was there to capture this moment. 
I cry every time I look at them. Such a beautiful dream come true.

Isn't she precious?? I think so.

Ok. Now to get back to being a Mom to a very crabby infant. 



janyce said...

This is beautiful, you are beautiful and I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ the pitcures that your talented and beautiful sis took! And miss Kristina is an amazing sister and nurse❤❤❤❤❤I just love you

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