Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Really, Jason? REALLY??

Ok. If you haven't watched the most recent & final Bachelor episode, please stop reading this now.

For everyone else who had the fantastic opportunity of wasting two hours of their evening realizing minute by minute what a CREEP Jason is, feel free to continue.

Does anyone else out there feel they've been CHEATED?! I honestly feel like I have been personally lied to about what kind of guys Jason was/is. He seemed so sincere...but after watching last night's episode, I realize that he's just another ridiculously selfish, lying, manipulative crybaby of a man. I can't believe I wasted all this time watching him & thinking what an idiot Deonna was. Ugh.

I'm not saying he should've stayed with Melissa if he decided he wasn't in love with her. I agree that being with someone if you don't WANT to make it work is a bad idea; HOWEVER, breaking up with your fiancee on national television and FIVE MINUTES LATER telling someone ELSE you were actually mistaken when you thought you loved your fiancee enough to get married and that you're ACTUALLY in love with HER even though you DUMPED HER BUTT and haven't talked to her since?!?! THAT, my friends, is a WRETCHED idea. Awful. I mean, REALLY, Jason?? REALLY?!

I'd like to take this moment and give major props to Melissa who handled that situation with a grace I don't think I'll ever achieve in this lifetime. Sure, it's a dumb reality TV show and all - but I believe 100% that she was honest in her intentions and her feelings. Rock on, Melissa. You deserve SO much better.

And Molly. You all saw the hesitation. You all saw the shock and confusion. I say high five to her for thinking and not just reacting. Speaking from personal experience, it's hard when someone you love says they want you back after being a complete and total creep. One of her first questions was, "What about Melissa...?" Good job, Molly. Just recognize what he REALLY IS and not what you've been lead to believe he is (read above to be reminded about what I think he really is).

-sigh- Ooh engagement. Why do people take you so lightly? It's not a game. Don't get down on one knee unless you intend to follow through.

Just don't.


Katie said...

Sorry Calee but I have a hard time hating Jason over this because I wanted him to pick Molly in the first place ( ; I think she is more real. But anyways
I do not condone what he did, but I honestly think that he HAD to do it on t.v. or he wouldn't have. They probably have him under some strange contract. He did say over the phone to her that his feelings had changed- I bet it was all staged and he really did break up with her on the phone first. At least he hated himself for what he was doing I guess. And I personally don't really count his thing with Melissa as a real engagement. I hate that The Bachelor always ends with an engagement- they never go through with it! So in that respect he's just like the rest of the bachelors that have been on the show. Anyways those are just some of my thoughts and I know that I am in the minority, but I was actually happy with the outcome. Don't hate me!

Katie said...

Geez I didn't realize I wrote so much! Sorry!

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Kristina might want to erase the "Jason" picture in the hot man blog below your hate man blog:)

I just don't undertand why he was kissing on Molly 10 minutes after he gets an engagement ring back from Melissa. And yes, she should have kept the ring! He is a dawg and Molly needs to be careful in case his feelings change next month...what, is he a girl? Oh considering all the crying episodes, I'd say yes.

It's All About Love said...

haha well put calee. i agree :)

Hoy Family said...

Wow - I don't have cable and it seems that I'm not missing out on anything!

Rachel said...

This is all I've heard about from a friend of mine and as far as I can tell Melissa is the lucky one. Yea, she wasted her time but at least she didn't waste her life on a guy that didn't love her. She was strong during the confrontation and I admire her for it.

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