Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Man Tuck

Here are some pictures for all who are just DYING for a Tucker update (I know I kind of went puppy-crazy on the blog for a while & then just left you all hanging!). My bad.

Here's what he's been up to lately...

Activity number one: Sleeping in.

Haha his new haircut makes him look a tiny bit like a little old man...but it's cool. I happen to like little old men quite a lot.

This is his "did you really just wake me up to take pictures of me with your stupid camera phone, lady??" face. Adorable, right?? Haha poor guy.

Sorry for the crappy quality photos - I seem to lack the capability to actually CHARGE my nice camera. Someday I'll have cute & quality photos to post. Promise.

1 comment :

Hoy Family said...

He is so darn cute!!!! Ryan really liked the pictures... although he kept calling the puppy, Elmo... Not sure why :)

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