Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hear, Hear.

Agreed, Calee. Amen.

Melissa = flipping awesome for handling it the way she did. And calling him a b-word.

Molly = empty-headed and in denial over the fact that Jason is 100% certain to get bored in another two weeks and book it. Maybe call Deanna back up.

Jason = b-word. for real.

Jillian = foxiest, funniest bachelorette with the most ridiculously cute dresses in history. I bet she woke up this morning like... wheeeeeeeeeeew! Dodged THAT bullet!

Thank you, Jason, for being too busy crying and feeling sorry for yourself to notice what a catch she is. Now I can bask in her gloriousness for an entire season.

Um, why the heck did no one ever ask why the MINK he got a divorce in the first place? For real, people? The man has some serious issues.

P.s. He has been officially removed from my 'hot men on tv' blog.


brookebaby said...

I'm just gonna add that Ty is retarded. I know he is a little kid and an innocent bystander, but he makes Taylen look like a rocket scientist. His a-hole dad probably never taught him the alphabet. Normal three year olds DO NOT ACT LIKE THAT.

Calee said...

hahahahahahahahaha ok....

At first I was laughing at how wonderfully on-point your post was, Rae...

AAAaaand now I'm laughing at Brooke.

Jillian or Melissa?! I think it's a crapshoot as to who gets chosen as the next Bachelorette (although I'm sure Melissa may need some serious therapy after being taken for such a ride :( .) Either way - I like both. Both favorites.

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