Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Eats

Jan and I have been a little Food Network crazy lately. We watch it all the time. I seriously think I could watch it all day and not get bored.

Anyway, just comparing his food experience with my food experience has made me so glad I grew up in San Diego. I'm not kidding when I tell you that one of my favorite things about going home for a few days is all of the delectable food choices. (No offense, Helper.)

Number one is my mom's cooking, obviously. But when that doesn't work out...

I L O V E these places.

The Brigantine

I flipping love this place. Half spinach salad, a grilled swordfish taco with hot sauce and creme brulee to finish it off? Yum. Best meal ever invented ever in the history of the world i love it so much i want it right nowaw;eoijawoeih.

Wings n Things

I've grown to love chicken wings the last few years. Seriously, this place has awesome wings. Awesome! They go up in heat like a million different levels - I just like the BBQ personally. Plus the breadsticks are flipping awesome. This has become a must-have every time I go home.

King & I
It's easy to miss this little place in Restaurant Row in SM. But it has the best Thai I've ever had. The hot & sour soup makes me happier than most foods can. It's so spicy and tasty and awesome. And the engraved tables/decorations are legit. Shout out to Dylan on this one - "our spot" in high school. Ha ha. :)

In n Out
Okay I'm the first person to admit that In n Out is just a burger. But when you haven't had it in a while and get your hands on one of those yummy burgers with fresh ingredients and a thick chocolate shake? You forget the term"just a burger." It's just so much of home to me. I love it. (Plus, did you know they give out packets of the sauce now? To eat with your fries? That was a new discovery for me when I was home for Easter. Awesome.)


I LOVE CARNE ASADA BURRITOS. That's all I really have to say. Santana's is the Shiz. For real. (Best after football games when you're 16... but good other times, too.)

Rubios, Baja! So close you can taste it. (Rubios! Baja grill!) Yum. I hear there is one of these in American Fork now! And I still haven't been there! I'm going tomorrow, it's decided.

The Original Pancake House
A newer discovery, Calee and I found this one while watching "Unwrapped" on TV. We watched this insane pancake restaurant that makes these huge apple-fritter pancake things that are bigger than my head. Then they said they had a San Diego location... and we went the next day. It is awesome times a hundred.

Look at this apple-pancake-piece-of-heaven.


Ruby's on the pier
Love this place. I almost love it more for the experience than the food, although the shakes are quite tasty. Don't get the salads or anything healthy, just give in and get a fat burger with an order of fries. Then walk it off on the way back to the car, looking at the ocean.

There are a lot more - I'm going to make myself stop though. I am way too hungry to continue on. See what the food network does to me?

I'm constantly thinking about food.

And Bobby Flay. (What a fox.)


Let's be real...It's just Suz said...

So I am not the only one who plans my visits home around food! I love all of those places, and I'd have to add a few East Country favorites (i.e. D.Z. Akins for homemade ding dongs, and Claim Jumper). Yum! Only 9 days until I'll be enjoying a fat In-n-Out burger and fries animal style, yay!

Oh, and Salt Lake has an Original Pancake House on 21st south and 7th East, one of my favorites!! They have the best bacon, too...

Brett and Kristy said...

Ok, Brett and I need to take a trip to San Diego and try out all of these yummy places! I've become a fan of chicken wings myself over the last year--because of this amazing place in Denver that Brett's family loves! There aren't any good wing places in Utah! I share your same obsession with food and great restaurants! Love this post!

Jenni said...

st. george has an in-n-out and salt lake has a pancake house. i lovvvve the apple pancake too!

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