Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fruit for the Fruity.

When my parents moved into their new house a few years ago, there was a noticeable absence of...citrus trees! We grew up in a house that had an orange tree and a lemon tree in the backyard - and Mom has been requesting that someone plant her some citrus trees as a present for a while now.

I decided for this Mother's Day to do just that!
*I recommend El Plantio Nursery to anyone in Escondido -
they were so friendly and helpful!*

After some careful consideration (and extensive conversation with the sales guy there as well as several phone calls to Dad [who knows a surprising amount about trees! Thanks, Dad!]) (<-- actually, my Dad knows a surprising amount about pretty much everything, but that's a post for some other time...)


I ended up with a Navel orange tree (from me), a Eureka lemon tree (from Kristina), and a blood orange tree (from Dad). I also bought "gopher cages" (to keep those little rascals from munching on our new friends) and some guano soil/fertilizer goodness. Then, set with my trees and planting materials, I happily began digging a hole in the backyard.

That happiness soon turned to dismay, I realize that the dirt in the backyard is like 90% granite...yeah...umm...

So I did what any girl in my position would do. I appealed to Dad (who, unfortunately, had - and still has - a gnarly cold. My bad, Dad. <-- Haha that rhymes!). Armed with lots of determination, some help from a crowbar and shovels, LOTS of water, and some James Taylor - we FINALLY got the trees planted! :)

And, in case you needed some help visualizing how spectacular the finished product is/was, here are some picccctureeessssss....

Relaxing with a Root Beer after some hard work!
IBC = delicious.

FLIP the ground was haaaaarrrddddd

Thank you, Dad, for using my truck as a coaster.

(haha sooooo tired/sunburned/gross)
I love my Pops! Thanks for the help!


Kristina said...

Man, we are such dedicated daughters! I'm so glad we could work so hard to put that together for her. We're so dedicated and awesome.

... haha. :)

Calee said...

yeahh...I decided that you owe me WAY more money. the end.

brookebaby said...

oh yay! so fun!

Paul O. said...

I would have just left the trees in the pot.

"Here you go Mom!"

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