Thursday, June 24, 2010


The blogger buzz is back in my brain. I don't know where it went for so long, or why it has returned, but I suddenly feel the need to say ridiculous things in a public forum so that semi-random-aquaintances and the older ladies in my ward can keep up on the surface-level details of my life and then talk amongst themselves about those Schroeder girls and how they just need to get married already.

Wow. Horrible sentence. In a lot of ways. But so very true.

Maybe I am feeling this way because I finally got a job and I'm currently answering phones all day and all night. Okay actually only like 6 hours a day. But now that I'm all productive and responsible it gives me a lot of time to think silly things in my brain instead of just saying them out loud. So they get locked up inside and then I just need somewhere to purge.

Today I am feeling extra silly because I got very little sleep, mainly due to the fact that Kyle and I lined up at the Apple store at an obscenely early hour for the iPhone 4. (I had to turn my headlights on when I drove there. That's how early it was. Oh and about halfway over there I tried to remember waking up and putting on my clothes and getting in the car but I honestly couldn't remember doing those things. Yep.)

We made lots of friends. The lady right in front of us had bright pink hair and told us about all of the times she has camped out for things. Disneyland passes, Chik-fil-a, Wii, you name it. Everyone was jealous I brought Jack in the Box for Kyle. We all laughed and shivered and became lifelong buddies. (A lifetime probably equals about 3 hours in this instance.)

So we waited and waited. And waited. But don't worry, we sure didn't get the phones. They ran out 8 people in front of us. 

Oh and don't worry, only about 10 people cut in line ahead of us when they moved the line. No big deal. 

I wish I got a video of Kyle's depressed Charlie Brown walk when we were leaving. If I had an iPhone 4 it would be in HD. So. That would be cool, wouldn't it?

Also, I just pushed the Insert button on my keyboard accidentally instead of Backspace. And apparently the person using this keyboard before me had some kind of sticky-substanced finger problem, which is now my problem.


...miss me?



Arica said...

yes your thoughts have been missed. i think your sad iphone experience can be related to the episode of Modern family where the dad wants an ipad for his birthday. it's hilarious and if you haven't seen it i think you would like it. hulu it. anyway, sorry for your loss. that's gotta be irritating, although if you wait until they work out the kinks it might be best. they're using glass for their casing which is going to call for a TON of broken 1phone4's. so we shall see, either way the phone looks sweet. best of luck to you. (:

Rachel said...

yes I have:)

Amber Irene said...

Oh Rae. I laughed out loud. Literally. ( In reference to past blogging) I missed your blogger buzz

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