Sunday, December 5, 2010


this picture has nothing to do with the post. wasn't he a cute puppy, though??! flip I love him.

I'm going to Kaiser today for an ultrasound. Weird, right? I mean, shouldn't I be pregnant before getting an ultrasound? Irony may or may not be throwing things in my face lately. Boo.

I had a nightmare last night about said ultrasound. I was full of dinosaur eggs. Haha.

Extinct-reptile-egg-filled-business aside, it should be a pretty routine ultrasound (I guess??).
According to my doctor, they just need to see a few things that are on my insides - so they're going to go look around with their sweet machinery. Nooo big deal.
...unless they find Barney babies in which case it would be a huge deal...

So why am I still nervous? Maybe I can talk Tucker into coming with me...

I know you're all just DYING to know what happens, so I'll make sure I update you upon returning from Mission Gorge (groooooooossssss drive, right?! ick).


Grandma S. said...

Hi dear calee. WHY an ultrasound? Do they still think you have some extra parts??? And WHY on Sunday??? Is it an emergency? I do hope all is well and that the doctors just want to know if you are as cute inside as you are out. Let us know.

Lindsay Chapman said...

i had to have an ultra sound before and it was VERY uncomfortable... :( good luck!

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