Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pregnancy Appreciation Week! Day 5: Time

Shaun and I spent some time planning when we thought would be the ideal time to get pregnant. We decided that we wanted to have our baby AFTER he finished his undergrad studies, but before his master's program started. That way, we wouldn't be up all night with an infant at the end or the beginning of a new educational venture. We didn't spend a lot of time considering anything else, however, and ended up getting pregnant the EXACT month we had decided would be ideal! Party! ...right? Umm...

What we DIDN'T consider was that I would be in San Diego working a full time job during my entire first trimester, and part of my second. We didn't consider that I'd be involved with heavily promoting my album, The Waiting Place, which meant endless flights and traveling. We didn't consider that Shaun would and I would be apart for most of that time, too - him in Rexburg finishing his final semester of school, and me working in San Diego through the end of October.

Needless to say, I cursed my lack of foresight SEVERAL times during those months. I was sick all the time, unable to sleep, grumpy and exhausted from pregnancy PLUS working full time at a demanding job PLUS travelling and performing (poor people sitting next to me on all those flights...I still feel bad for them haha). I felt overwhelmed...I felt like I just wanted to see my husband and complain to him and never, ever get out of bed again. It was a really difficult time for me.

But you know what? I got through it. WE got through it. Shaun finished his last semester at BYU-I (WOOHOO!!), I moved from San Diego back to Idaho and spent my last couple months working with a bunch of people who I truly love. We got through applying for grad school. And now? Now I've had time. LOTS of it. And it has been AWESOME.

Not everyone gets time before their baby comes to do whatever they want. Don't get me wrong, it isn't like I can do WHATEVER I want...we're on a budget here, people...but I've had time to sleep (when my body decides to), I've had time to blog, craft, write for a new project ::fingers crossed, everyone!!::, cook dinner, and get as ready as possible for this baby. I've tried to shut off that little voice in my head that says," You should be doing...:blah blah whatever:" and lay in bed a little longer. I've tried to take more time to appreciate every second I can with my husband. I mean, after just a few days it won't just be me and him alone ever again! I've had time to sit and be quiet and appreciate our tiny apartment and our simple life and think about how I'm so lucky to have a  man that I love so much and a baby that I've wanted for so long.

So tonight I'm giving TIME a shout out. Crazy time full of work and responsibility to quiet time full of anticipation and happiness and chilling out. 9 months felt like forever when this whole adventure started, and now it seems like it flew by in a blink! I'm so grateful for the time I've had these past few weeks to just BE.

Five days until my life changes forever. I have a feeling that these are going to be the longest - and shortest - five days ever.

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