Thursday, November 20, 2008


Most people that are close to me know that the last year or so of my life has required me to spend a lot of time around things I'm not usually interested in. Sure, I've always liked baseball, but other than that? Sports are not really my style. My sisters have always made fun of me for being so prissy, but I can't help it. I am a girly girl, through and through.

So obviously it was a little unnatural when Mr. Huge comes strolling into my life and can't even breathe without having some kind of sport-related topic on his mind. Everything from where we eat dinner (will the game be on?) to the radio we listen to (let's just listen until Bronco's done... oh wait I wanted to hear this next interview) and even analogies during religious discussions were suddenly completely revolving around sports.

It was exhausting, to say the least. I really struggled with it for a while. And now, as everyone knows, he's gone his way and I've gone mine. So I was honestly looking forward to the break from the sports craziness.

And, I've realized something. And I need to confess.


There, I said it. I love them. Not only do I love baseball and will never give up on my Pads, but I have become a Jazz fan, UFC-lover, and most importantly, a Cougar. I know about as much as one person can humanly learn in one year about college football and BYU in particular.

In spite of how much I would love to be really busy on some incredibly hot date on Saturday afternoon rather than watching the biggest game of my lame-0 ex-boyfriend's season, I can't do it. I am like counting down to the game. I absolutely hate Utah and I have been reading every article and watching every newscast about the Holy War, hoping that somehow it will make it come faster. Dave Nixon mercilessly hitting Brian Johnson? Um, yes please. Hall throwing over Kruger's stupid annoying head to connect with Collie? Pitta? Reed? Unga? George? The Utes don't have a chance. I am seriously so excited.

I don't know what's wrong with me. But I do feel better getting that off my chest. I'll shout it from the rooftops - I. like. sports.

My future husband is going to owe Jan a thank you card.


Jana said...

you are so funny and i miss you. you can come to california and play if you want.

Arica said...

haha. yes. boyfriends do mold us into who we become, as much as we'd like to deny it at the time, or better yet, pretend we were always that way. good for you to accept what he's added to your life.
..your husband WILL be grateful. :)

ps. sad sad night tonight. dang max.

Jillian said...

Welcome to non-stop ESPN news, late night games and endless seasons. Welcome.

The Shaws said...

Kristina, I had to laugh because I, too, am a convert to the religion of sports thanks to a Cougar boyfriend (he just played baseball, not football.) It is now an obsession, and I love it, love it.

Today was a depressing day in our house, though. Dang, Hall. That was just a bummer game. Didn't help we woke up to a "GO UTES" sign on our front window from the Godfreys. Ugh, it makes me cringe.

Lindz said...

Cute blog girls!! Singleness isn't so bad... there are definitely worse alternatives!! Love ya, Lindsay

Amy Marie said...

oh how i relate to this!!! hey sisters check out my new blog!


Kristen said...

Wish I could relate. I am proud of you for converting :)

Sorry the Cougs lost. I heard it was a good game!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Utah win?

nicole viola said...

Hi Kristina, I've never met you but I was on show cheer with Nikki back in the day so I hopped over from her blog. :) Just wanted to say, yeah, I like sports, too. Especially baseball. I blame my husband, but secretly, I love all those stats and I even turn the games on when he's not there. :)
And as if it weren't enough, my 19-month old daughter runs around signaling and saying "home run" and "touchdown" (you know, while carrying her baby doll around).
So, more power to ya!!

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