Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life's Short, Eat Dessert

'Sisters, not lesbians.'

That's what I thought this blog should be called. Kristina, being the voice of reason she usually is (when she's not too busy being the voice of sarcasm), decided we should name our sisterly blog something less racy. (If I had started this blog with Brooke, however...). Anyways. We're single now. But together. In a sisterly way - not geographically, I mean. I basically just want more pizza and ice cream to drown my sadness over becoming recently without a man-friend.

That having been said, go get yourself something tasty to munch on and we can have a moment remember that life's short, so you should probably eat some dessert. What kind? It doesn't really matter. Anything sugary. Or salty. Anything your mother wouldn't let you eat as a kid (which, for me, includes dog food)...whatever you choose, we don't judge here. Go on. Eat some. Ready? Go.

And read our blog while you're eating it. Happier? Glad we could help.


Nikki said...

Awww...sisters of mine. How I love you.

brookebaby said...

calee's and my blog: Sisters & Lesbians.

ARICA said...

calee, so sorry to hear of your loss. regardless... you will do great things.

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