Monday, November 17, 2008


So we went to Sprinkles. And it was delicious.

So I'm having a birthday. Woo. (<--not so enthused.)

Here's my happy little Sprinkles story:

Mom surprised me as an early birthday present by driving me & Rae to the new Sprinkles in Newport Beach! Fun :) We ordered a dozen delicious cupcakes (good choice) - but let mom do the ordering (questionable choice).

We ended up with a few GREAT cupcakes (see: Red Velvet, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate) and several not-as-great cupcakes (see: TWO Dark Chocolate & Marshmallow cupcakes [two?? really??? ugh. what a waste], Cinnamon Sugar [no frosting, even!], and Coconut). It's alright that some weren't as amazing though, because it didn't stop us from eating all of them. With relish. <-the feeling, not the condiment...

Lesson Learned:Allow mom to take you wherever she wants for your birthday
- but be as involved as possible with ordering.

P.S. Kristina loves it when I use the word 'delicious' over and over again.


The Wattson Family said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. I'm glad you and Kristina started a blog so I can check in with you. I couldn't get to your my space. I miss my girlfriends from way back when. I'm totally jealous of your cupcake experience, it sounds fantastically fattening which of course equals delicious:)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Calee! How old are you this year? I think I accidentally sent a facebook bday card to one of you gals last week while I was trying to figure out how to work the stupid thing. So if it wasnt your bday last week . . .please disregard that! And have a great day on your real birthday!

Kristina said...

Why not the other pictures? Too ugly?

Kristina said...

By the way, that was a delicious post.

The Nielsens said...

sprinkles is heaven. strawberry is my favorite. next time you go....a call would be nice. thanks. happy birthday friend!

Kristen said...

I love that fabulous little gourmet cupcake places keep popping up! It's all the rage on the East Coast...I feel like a latecomer on the cupcake scene.

But more importantly..happy birthday! I hope it was fabulous despite the nasty marshmallow flavored letdown.

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