Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Living Water

 Living Water music video shoot

Sometimes co-writing isn't super easy. It can be really intimidating to sit down with a stranger (like someone who makes a living by writing music full-time - now, THAT'S talent, folks!) and say, "Hey! I had an idea about a song. It goes like this...[imagine me playing wrong notes on the piano and getting embarrassed and having to start over five times]." Haha. That's how co-writing generally happens in my life. Sounds fun, right?

I had the opportunity to write with Jeremy Christiansen (He wrote "Don't Let Go" on Gentri's latest album!) for Living Water, though, and he made the entire day fun and easy and super productive. He was even kind enough to sing the back-up vocals on the final recording! (His voice is so dreamy, isn't it?!) Sometimes you sit down to write with another musician and everything just...flows. There's a kind of magic in making music with someone who gets your passion and drive. Writing a song about faith, doubt, redemption, and renewal happened organically as we talked about our testimonies and the power of sharing our beliefs through music.

There have been times in my life (like recently) when I've needed divine help. That's actually kind of an understatement - so, let me rephrase: There have been times in my life when I've needed divine intervention...when I've felt like I need more than just a sprinkling of spiritual fulfillment, I've needed a deluge. A monsoon. A raging river of heavenly help to fill me and wash away the doubt and fear and failure I feel. Living Water is a song about the power of the gospel; the way our relationship with God can completely fill us and our needs, IF we invite Him in. When we turn our hearts heavenward and ask in faith, believing that we will receive, He sends us support and strength - sometimes in unexpected ways.

Like a fire, consume my weakness
Burn His message in my soul
Laying bare a new horizon
Where seeds of faith can grow

Hope planted in a thirsty ground
His grace and mercy pouring down

Rushing, living water
Flowing endlessly
Blessed, living water
Oh filling me

Shifting sand below my feet now
As I reach up, He steadies me
As I walk through this desert
Living water is all I need

And when my strength is wearing thin
He sends His spirit pouring in

Rushing, living water
Flowing endlessly
Blessed, living water
Oh filling me

Cleansing water
Healing me

To all who thirst: Come drink it in
And you will never thirst again

Rushing, living water
Flowing endlessly
Blessed, living water
Oh filling me

He is the source of strength that we each need to make it through the challenges of this life. Jesus Christ is our Savior, the foundation of the living water of the gospel, our life-giving, sustaining force.

To all who thirst: Come drink it in, and you will never thirst again.

I believe that with all my heart.


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