Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jilly Willy Nilly

I've been in love with all forms of "The Bachelor" ever since the first season when that one girl was like "FANTASY SUITE? NO WAY." And left on her high horse.

(ha ha. seriously this is my attitude? what is reality tv doing to me?)

Anyway, this season is no exception. I would just like to take a moment to update all of you on this season's cast:

Jillian wears ridiculously cute clothes but is a little boring and a lot canadian. (Oh, Hi Nikki! Ha ha ha. Canada is awesome and so are you.) Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes when she says "aboot" I can't take her seriously anymore and I picture this guy:

Kiptyn is hot and must win. Did you see his stomach last week? It's flipping amazing. But he's got the nerdy-down-to-earth thing going on too. And Greg Nielsen details his car. That is awesome.

Wes is a jerk, but I kind of feel bad for the way they are spinning things. I don't really like the guy very much mainly because of that obnoxious song he sang the first two lines of over and over again. (Yet I still find myself singing it at random times...?) But I feel a little sympathy for him. He's probably watching it with his family right now (and girlfriend that he had the whole time) feeling like a total jack-A. At least he doesn't feel as dumb as...

Tanner - foot fetish dude. There's no way he actually loves feet that much. It is gross nasty. And, can I just say that Jillian does not have cute feet? Because of this guys obsession we have gotten way too many close-ups of them. And they are not a 9.5, I'll definitely tell you that much.

Jake reminds me of the millions of boys in Provo that take themselves too seriously and whine that they're not married because they are "too perfect." Puh-lease. You are a time-bomb waiting to go off. He is the kind of guy who smiles at the camera and then completely loses it at home because his wife didn't iron his shirt right. And talk about cheesey! The last episode he actually said "Jillian, I'm.... I'm crazy aboutcha." Oh gag.

Reid is hot, sometimes. I can't tell other times. They're acting like he's this big germ-o-phobe when all he is worried about is raw meat. I mean, flip, maybe we should all be a little more concerned. And Jillian is all laughing talking about how she doesn't wash her vegetables? I do not think that is a joking matter. What do they teach people in Canada? Dirt = not tasty.

Michael reminds me of Steph's boyfriend from freshman year. Aka hyper-active and a little obsessive. Ha ha. Love you steph.

I'm getting a little bored of writing about this, not gonna lie. Did I miss your favorite? If it's not Kiptyn, there's not a huge point is discussing him. Hands down, the best guy there. Except Ed! I really liked Ed. And Jillian giving him a hard time to go home and work was a little redonkulous. Seriously, Jillian? Give him a hard time for working and then go back to the pizza entrepreneur and break dance instructor you have to choose from.

Good luck with that.


noelle said...

someone is named kiptyn?

Nikki Nielsen said...

nooo hard feelings. i worked hard on my accent before moving here so i wouldn't have the "aboot" problem. unfortunately people still find random little speech "flaws" of mine daily. can't win.

it's true. Kip and greg are tight. they see each other once a week. All i know is that Kiptyn was gone for 3 i'm assuming he makes it pretty far. want to meet him next time your in town? haha

Arica said...

PERFECT. i loved the descriptions. i couldn't have called it all better myself. and YES, kiptyn better win.. the man is AWESOME! and wes KILLS me with that hideous song! haha. oh man, this made my day.. and i have a hard time waiting till monday for the episodes.

Suzanne Shaw said...

So I just watched this week's Bachelorette and Tanner is SOO WEIRD!!! My favorite quote of the show was "She knows I got a foot fetish, she knows I was blessed, but, you know, I definitely have a different side that I want to show her..." What a freak. And then his foot critique was nuts. "If she would paint them Mango, Mango, they'd be a ten." Holy crap, how does she not think this is crazy?

Stephanie said...

haha, love the post. how funny that i actually married a michael :)

Dyanna Moore said...

You aren't girls! You're daughters! And yes, I love you to pieces. Come down and visit me.

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