Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, I am that annoying.

Jan and I made a discovery the other day. We were watching the bachelorette, loving Jillian in all of her hot-clothes/spunky-personality glory, when the camera showed a part of the date card she'd written to the boys.

And my heart stopped.

She clearly had written "your" where she should have written "you're."

I've been struggling with it ever since.

Seriously, now I have like a spidy-sense to her ridiculous grammar. Just last night she said "Him and I are going to go on a romantic date." BAOWIETHAWEPIGJAWEOIRJ!!!!

I LOVE JILLIAN. But I seriously love her less now because of that. WHY DOES IT MATTER! I wish I could turn that part of me off. I admit it - I am that annoying person that is a nazi about grammar and spelling. I've gotten a lot better at it, at least. I don't say it out loud, I just judge you internally for it. Ha ha.

There are a few exceptions to this, but very few. I understand in a blogging situation or a more casual environment, there will be wacky punctuation and sentence fragments, both of which I have been guilty of on more than one occasion. But the spelling stuff just IRKS me.

I was sharing this frustration with Jan when he was like... how are you dating me?

... he makes a valid point.

Jan is quite possibly the worst speller in the world. Ever. He spells based on straight phonetics. (Sometimes he spells something so wrong that he worries I won't understand him, so he says "sound it out" right afterward. ha ha)

We took MCOM 320 together my last semester at BYU, which is a writing class that has a major grammar/spelling section and test the first few weeks. We sat in a little room in the SAB going over Girls vs. Girl's vs. Girls' for seriously thirty minutes. And he still didn't get it. The only reason we stopped was because we were both so frustrated we were about to get in a dry-erase marker fight.

But why does it not really bother me other than that situation? I correct all of his papers, read his emails (ha ha - not HIS emails. the emails he writes to me. --ahem--), and get a bazillion text messages from him everyday. And he spells things horribly wrong EVERY TIME. But I don't even notice it - it doesn't bug me at all.

I can't figure it out! It makes no sense. A total mystery.

Good job, honey. You've officially created an invisible shield against my "Your spelling is bad and so I like you a little less" attitude.

Except it does bug me when you send the infamous "I love you to" text.


Okay maybe you're not quite as immune as I thought.


Rachel said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That is HALAREUS:)

Nikki Nielsen said...

i am the worst speller in tarnation, and grammar usually doesn't even cross my mind. don't ever read my blog.

ps. Kiptyn from the bachelorette is greg's client. he washes his car every week.

Sarah said...

"I love you to". I just peed in my pants! I am a total grammar/spelling nazi too! I used to edit the Ricks school paper, AFTER it was printed and sent! My roommates could have murdered me I was so annoying! :) Well, we girls just need to keep the world in check, now don't we? :)

mom said...

I think your mother is Dyanna "dictionary freak" Moore.
Have you ever heard your Grandpa Calvin speak???? He is just like Jan, except he says everything wrong too. He pronounces 'Hors d'oeuvres' as "whore dee ores", making it rhyme. Yacht now has the 'ch' sound in it and he makes it sound like he is going to hurl. He has so many I can't even write them don't let "your" bother you too much.

Jana said...

haha! i know EXACTLY how you feel! i dated a boy that did not know the difference between then and than or to and too and it drove me CRAZY!

Brandon said...

I love this post! I can totally relate. The wrong use of to/too and your/you're drives me absolutely nuts! (So does the excessive use of exclamation points so I'll try to stop now)
And don't get me started on spelling.

You are definitely in the same league as my mother though. It is all she can do to keep her opinion to herself on these sorts of issues. Ha!

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