Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was just reading through some old posts on this blog and I thought to myself..."Kristina did such a good job making this blog. It really is adorable."

And then I thought to myself, "Kristina deserves a shout out."


Here are a couple stories that I love so much about Kristina:

-When I was 16 and having an emotional meltdown over my first boyfriend (for the record, the word 'meltdown' is not even close to what I was having - it was Armageddon for my heart). Kristina, who was 12, came into my room and sat with me. I remember her putting her arms around me as I sobbed and telling me it was going to be alright. Wow. I'm getting a bit teary right now just thinking about it. She was my little best friend through that tough time.

-We had a dog named Pepper all growing up. She was the sweetest little shelti puppy ever. When we were little, Nikki and I would make her attack Kristina for fun. Haha! So mean. She'd get so scared and we'd laaaaugh and laugh. Sorry, Rae :)

-I used to HATE going to her piano recitals. It's torture for siblings. Parents should threaten piano recitals instead of grounding. Anyways. Now that we're older, however, I really appreciate all those hours she spent practicing (haha - especially the time I video-taped her audition piece for Junior Miss...four hours later...) because I absolutely love listening to her play. Thanks for always being down to accompany me :)

-This weekend I was visiting Utah and had to laugh as she regaled me with a tale about how she lost her crock pot and it aaalmost ruined her Sunday. Really, Kristina? Who are you?? Do you have seven kids?! THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE A CROCK POT. Once I ate the yummy burrito meat she cooked in said missing crock pot (it was at Jan's house...), however, I changed my tune. She makes dinner like a little mini-mom. Delish and nutrish. (<-but more delish than nutrish...)

-I LOVE watching family videos of her as a little kid. She has this crazy white-blonde troll hair that sticks out every which way (until she got old enough to rock a sweet mullet - my mom gave us the most awesome permed/mullety hairdo's eeeevverrrr), a big belly that sticks out over her diaper, cute little squinty eyes and brown baby skin. So cute. And awkward. And singing "OH IIII, OOooohhh IIIiiiIII!" at the top of her lungs. Or "It's ALL OF OURSSS". Or "Time to Goober up!". Or "Watch how I ride this...this BABY". Love love love.

There are soo many others! BUT I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME AT WORK. Real quick:
-Quoting movie trivia (this goes for all my ridiculously funny sisters).
-Blowing our matching flat irons out in London.
-Writing me a happy note the night I had to sit in a jail cell for 'Every 15 Minutes'.
-Leading oddly similar love-lives. Not in a good way, unfortunately...

SOO I started writing this blog to honestly just appreciate Kristina for how legit she is, but halfway through I realized that this happy Kristina blog coincides with her BIRTHDAY TODAY!!

I vote I get double nice points :) YAY YAY FOR KRISTINEE RAE'S DAY!!

I hope you have an awesome night!! Kiss your hot man candy & live large. :) I LOVE YOU.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said except the part where your mom gave you the sweet mullity whatever kind of haircuts. Those were special "mom" do's...cut with love.
Rae you, glad we share a birthday. Well, almost. I kept squeezing you in so I wouldn't have to make you a birthday cake on MY birthday. Wow, that "squeezing" word isn't sitting right with me, but oh well.
Love ya,

Scott Schroeder said...

Happy Birthday to my KneePutt!!!

You were my favorite 16 year old when you were 4. Soo grown up so young. I kept getting more immature as you gre up!

I love you sweetheart. I hope you had a great day.


Dyanna Moore said...


That was such a lovely walk down memory lane. I'm thrilled with how much of that I understood and remember. I love your family to death and that includes your little troll-haired sister. You are a very entertaining writer. I wish I could see you guys more often. It stinks to grow up.

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