Friday, February 26, 2010

Calee Update

Soooo I'm getting my Grandma merit badges early in life by becoming a crocheting pro. I figure I'm way ahead of the game in case Y2K was off by a couple decades and we revert back to the 1800's. If that happens, you can contact me via smoke signal and I'll make you a lovely tunic. One size fits all, guaranteed to be scratchy and way too hot. I'm actually sitting at work right now wishing I had my hook and yarn here so I could get ahead on some granny squares - haha. I'm so weird.

Shaun brought over a puzzle for us to do together, since he was feeling a tiny bit neglected (if you're wondering why, re-read that first paragraph...). It made me laugh thinking about how we both enjoy doing such weird things - puzzles, crocheting...he's five and I'm ninety :). Not literally, though. I'm only 26.

I ended up paying $1006.00 to register my car. Holy moly. I almost vomited on the nice DMV lady's desk. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT??! is what I wanted to ask. Buuuut I didn't. I just paid her and went on my merry way. Don't worry, I only STOOD in line for two hours this time. Oooh standing...standing is less fun in heels than flats...and gets less fun the longer you have to do it. I guess there are lots of things in life that are like that. Work...running...eating vegetables...

You get the picture.

Sam and Nikki are coming down this weekend with their cute little babies! Woo! So stoked.

Kristina may or may not be bailing on the family reunion (immediate only, Grandma, no worries) due to her fever of the scarlet sort. At least she's less swollen now. That's a win.

I'm almost done with my degree!! I have one week left of this class, then only two more to go!! Goodness gracious I'll be one happy camper when I'm all done :) Yay yay yay for education.

Dreams this week: Kristina and Shaun snuggling (and the beat down that ensued), a rabbit appearing out of a dead beetle and telling me I'm pregnant, me and Hurley from LOST hugging and crying because he was about to go onto a submarine that would never surface again, and Tucker turning into a marshmallow and Dad accidentally eating him.

Moral of the story: Rabbits are liars.

loves -Calee


Arica said...

aahaha. good post. thanks for filling us in. i particularly enjoyed the dream section. i wish i could have watched the dreams with you. haha.

Jessica said...

That post made me laugh so much! I love reading your blog, and Nikki's and Brooke's and well, you get the idea. Love you guys!

adarhysenthe said...

Heh, I got my granny merit badge in crochet a year ago. Woot for spreading to more in the ward! You know, I never actually did granny squares. What is your current project?

Grandma S. said...

Hi Calee. Hope your reunion went good (even without me!!!) Tee Hee Can't you do something about Tucker and the Rabits YUK!!! DON'T GO JOBBING!!! lOVE YA

Grandma S. said...

woops - rabbits. Grandma

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