Monday, February 8, 2010


Hi friends. I haven't been great at blogging. Ever. Haha.

Here are some low quality pictures from my phone - enjoy :)

I finally SOLD THE TRUCK! (WEE!!) And bought this cute little 2006 Civic Coupe! Mm mm love it lots. It gets great gas mileage, has low miles on it, and it pretty cute to boot! (I figure I should stop purchasing vehicles with carseats in mind because - let's face it - that probably won't be necessary for a few more years.)

Here's cute little Bubba with cute little Kristina riding the train at the mall. $5.00 for 15 minutes of Thomas the Train soundtrack?? Probably the best possible way to spend your money at the mall (when you have kids with you). P.S. To the nice lady who thought giving her Happy Meal toy to my four year old neice was an awesome idea: NEXT TIME BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR SIBLINGS. Thanks. One toy + two little girls who are acutely aware of what is (and what is NOT) fair = melt down.
Thank heavens for Thomas the Train.

This burrito is huge. And I almost ate all of it. Impressed? Or grossed out? You can tell me the truth.
Not a whole lot other than that. And my uterus(es) hate(s) me. <-- never got the ultrasound/sonogram for that. Thanks for returning my calls, Kaiser. Not.
Hope you all had a very merry Monday. Here's to a great week! Weeeeee.


Rachel said...

Cute coupe girl! If you ever need to get a good dose of kids give me a call. I have two little boys that just love pretty girls:) By the way: That burrito must have been a Hurculian feet. I am sure it was a worthy sacrifice.

Christy said...

In high school I polished off burritos of that size on many occasion, but then would be completely embarrassed by guys who would marvel at my eating ability!

Jessica said...

Love the car! Civics are the best! I love ours! Over 100k miles and it still runs perfect! LOVE Honda! Definitely impressed with the burrito.

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