Friday, February 26, 2010

Just in case you were missing Tucker...

Here are some recent pictures off my Blackberry of my little chocolaty muffin lovie puff! Mmm mm I love his little face!

This is what Tucker looks like in the morning when he wants me to pet him, or roll over so he can snuggle in the warm spot behind my legs.

This is what Tucker looks like when he's done snuggling and is concerned about a noise in the hallway so he barks like a lunatic and wakes everyone in a four mile radius up.

This is Tucker's new BFF. (Condolences to Kristina who lost that spot in his puppy heart when she ran away to Utah for a month.) Note: He is literally spooning Shaun. And growled when I tried to move him. Awesome.

This is Tucker sprawling spread eagle and asleep while Kristina rubbed his belly. I thought it was funny, so I went to take a picture - but Kristina didn't think it was appropriate to post pictures of his puppy parts, so she censored them. (*it may look like her hand is physically touching what she's covering, but I promise it's not. haha gross.)

Things I love about Tucker:
-He gets so excited when anyone comes home! Jumping and whining and doing his silly little wiggle :)
-He's so sneaky!! He'll wait until he thinks you're not watching, and then veeeery carefully pick up the thing you don't want him to have and starts backing away...slowly...while watching you. Haha little stinker.
-He growls if you move him while he's sleeping. Oh my heavens I'm laughing while writing this just thinking about it. Schnauzers sleep anywhere from 14-18 hours a day, and if you mess with his sleep cycle he'll let you know! Kristina gets growls more than anyone, but I'm pretty sure that's because she'll WAIT for him to be asleep and then go move him just so he'll growl! I'm sure it sounds ridiculous, but it really is cute.
Things I'm not so stoked on lately:
-Tucker has recently discovered that bunny poop is delicious. We have like 4.7 trillion bunnies that live in the field adjacent to the house, so there's a plethora of fresh fecal matter every morning for his consumption and delight. Gross, right? The worst part is, it makes his beard smell AWFUL. Like, really, really bad. And when I want to kiss his cute little face, it makes me gag a little. Ew.
-Along with bunny poop, Tucker finds yarn very tasty. What does this mean? It means that while I'm working on any given project, I'll feel a tugging on my hook - look up - and find that my small black dog is completely tangled in yarn...rolling around...growling...eating it...and once I untangle him from it, I get to crochet with slobbery yarn. Not fun.
All in all, still my favorite. Love him.


Kristina said...

This post just made me laugh and giggle and want to go find where tucker is sleeping so i can move him.

Rachel said...

Do you know how you can train him not to eat bunny poop? Collect some, put it right in front of him, and everytime he starts to go for it give him a poke on the shoulder and tell him no, then give him something he can eat like a piece of banana or dog biscuit. DON"T praise him just give him the alternative. Do the exercise over and over until he walks away or ignores the poop completely and keeps staring at you waiting for the treat:) It really does work! All I have to do now is look at Pepper and she'll drop whatever she's not suppose to have. Thank you Ceasar Milan:) By the way, Ollie says Tucker looks like a wolf. Haha! Talk about an ego boost for your little poopy.

Calee said...

Oooh good idea! We'll have to try that one. Haha that's really funny that Ollie said that! He's the smallest, most bearded wolf in the whole world ;)

Amber Irene said...

tucker. oh sweet sweet tucker. With his supersonic puppy bark. How i miss him. and his kisses. and his yarn cuddling. His cute gum stealing paws....

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