Thursday, March 18, 2010

This stuff really happens to me

I went to dog beach today with Jacob and Tucker. It was honestly the perfect day as far as the weather goes. So gorgeous. Don't worry that I got absolutely NO sun for some reason. My skin looks the exact same as it did yesterday. Bleh.

Those of you who have dogs know that when you go to a dog park or dog beach or some other dog gathering (like there are a lot of them?), you make friends with really random people. Usually you know all of the dogs' names and none of the people's names. Like "Oh! Molly's mom told me the cutest story the other day..."

It's weird. And I'm one of those people.

Today was no different. I met another Tucker and his mom, and we had a good laugh over the dogs getting confused at who was being called when. Then a boy starts asking me about Tuck (who wouldn't? He is seriously so adorable) and starts telling me about his puppy. We get through all of the normal dog questions and to the point where we normally would just sit and laugh at how cute our pets are, when things took a turn for the worse.

"So, uh, do you go to school around here?"

Oh jeez. Good line. I'm actually here with that cute boy surfing out there and totally uninterested in talking with you about anything other than your dog. Oh wait, I'm still inside my head at this point. Guess I better answer your question.

"Nope, I'm actually done with school."

I enjoyed his look of disbelief for a short moment, because it still to this day makes me a little tingly inside that I'm done with my BA. That tingly feeling immediately vanished with his next comment.

"'re already done with high school?!"

........................... WOW.

"Uh. College, actually."


We stopped talking.

Yep. Really happened.



brookebaby said...

yeah you really need more sun. get nice and leathery so no one confuses you for a high school kid.

Francesca said...

Hahahaha, both the story and Brooke's comment made me laugh out loud! I share your pain, though. And being pregnant makes it worse, cuz now I'm scared of people thinking I'm a knocked-up teenager!

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