Monday, March 15, 2010


I wish I could give full details of my dating life on here so you could all laugh along with how silly it all is. And post pictures, so you could drool over the hottie mc hotties that have strolled into my life lately. And divulge all of the details of the several incredibly awkward situations I've found myself in, so you can smile and shake your head as you hold your baby on your lap and thank your lucky stars that you're not me. Ha ha.

Oh well, too bad.

Maybe just a little taste:

Yesterday I'm leaving church with Calee. As we're walking, we see Hot Girl run into Hot Boy's arms for a little parking lot rendezvous. Hot Boy happens to be the same boy I was out with the night before.

It was like a slow motion scene of awkwardness.

Cherry on top? He sees us, looking over her shoulder as she's clinging to him like a flippin wetsuit. A side-wave, and a half-hearted "hey guys" to the two of us completes the picture.

.... kill me.

Where do I sign up for a mission, again?


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Rachel said...

Yea, I'm not holding my baby but I am shaking my head and so glad that I don't have to see things like that anymore. I'm sure he felt awkward too... maybe...

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