Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things Happening This Week!

1. An insufferable amount of Mario Kart from tonight until Tuesday...Why Tuesday? Well, mostly because Cory & Kristina are the partakers in the Wii madness and on Tuesday...

2. Cory is taking a little Christmas haitus to his lovely, snowy hometown: Boise.
...I love the Bellistons, but I'm bummed that him & I are going to be apart on Christmas :(

*NOTE: This picture is deceiving. Boise is covered in a thick layer of freezing cold snow right now. Awesome.

3. Then Christmas. (-4 Schroeders.) (Well, technically I guess -3 Crandalls and -1 Schroeder.) (Anyways. It all equals CRAPPY in the end.)
Here's a picture of Kristina and I (the only Schroeder sisters that are going to be here) standing next to the Christmas tree. Enjoy.

3. After Christmas...we'll have the pleasure of hosting a ruddy old chap from England. He's quite a numpty. And I wish he'd GERROFF. I'm posting a picture in honor of his name.

4. After Jet comes, my sisters (HOPEFULLY) are coming! Brooke, please please please come. Please!!
Ok - Cory has decided to take a break from Mario Kart and so I'm stopping the bloggage...I was going to post a cute pic of the Schroeder girls...maybe later! :)


Hoy Family said...

Calee - Have I told you how mad I am at you??? VERY MAD! Just thought that you should know.

Also - I would like to know what Wii games are fun. Ben and I are getting one for Christmas and we need some suggestions. This does not mean that I'm not mad at you... it just means that I would like to know what fun Wii games there are...

Kristina said...

haha! I love the picture. Oh jet lag. You will have so much fun.

Nikki said...

First of all HAHAHA. I laughed at this post. Second, I am offended that you are only begging Brooke to come. Maybe I'll just send her down by herself. And third, I'm pretty sure she's decided we can come down as long as I have her back by the it's looking good. And fourth, I hate numptys.

Calee said...

ERRRN - I'm sorry! Really.

Kristina - you didn't even laugh at my Harry Potter reference.

Nikki - I thought Brooke was key in deciding whether or not you were coming!! Of COURSE I want you & the bebes to come.

Jet - if you read this, Nikki didn't mean it. She doesn't hate numptys, so don't sweat it.

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