Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm typing from my new laptop! Yay! I'm so so excited about it.

Just in case you wanted a brief rundown of my night...

1.My father and I sat together on the couch and watched bowling. When I say WE watched bowling, of course, I mean I sat here and tried to pay attention...while my brains were turning to crap (haha crap-for-brains) he explained the intricacies of bowling....

...Yes, they actually show bowling on TV.

...And my father Tivo's it....

2.I also participated in several entertaining conversations on Facebook chat. Thanks to everyone involved - you know who you are and I thank you for bringing laughter and joy into my life after bowling nearly sucked my entire soul out.

3. I wondered if Brooke hates her hair for a bit.

Things I'm currently thinking about:

Note to Rae: ...we shared some confessions tonight that need never be spoken aloud again. (Aloud means like never EVER again....typed, spoken, signed, telegraphed or otherwise...). One more for you this lovely evening - I didn't really pee my pants. I still have to pee though - it's starting to hurt, actually. Sorry for being so graphic. Feel free to edit this later. You thought it was so funny that I couldn't tell you in the moment :\ Sorry.

BLAST!! I keep deleting things as I type. Something I do on my new laptop makes everything get deleted...-sigh-

There. I blogged. Happy?

p.s. I love Blue October - look them up and love them

p.p.s. <-- the best website for working in an office ever!!

p.p.p.s. I miss my sisters!! Come home and let's all be friends again :(


Arica said...

i miss my sisters too, we always have the best time together. i KNOW how ya feel!

Kristina said...

I'm sad, I'm not gonna lie.

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