Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm a little blog happy the last few days. Haha. :) Sorry friends.

I was in the temple today and it felt so nice. It made me realize how much I've missed going all the time. It also made me realize there have been a lot of really nice things about being single that I've reunited with lately, and it's been awesome.

So here is a list of things I have missed dearly, and I'm happy to have them back.

1. Temple Thursdays
2. Flirting
3. Eating just a sandwich for dinner
4. Reading
5. Going to my own ward each week
6. First Kisses
7. Going to bed early
8. Not having the TV on constantly
9. The sound of quiet
10. Hanging out with the roomies
11. Loud loud music
12. Playing the piano
13. Checking people out. haha!
14. Doing exactly what I want. All the time.
15. Going on dates
16. Spending money on myself
17. Being excited for business school
18. Being the center of attention sometimes (wow what is that like!)
19. Not worrying all the time
20. Feeling hot, funny, smart
21. Being able to be set up with friends' other hot friends
22. Not sitting at home on Friday nights
23. Talking about politics
24. Not going to the movies if I don't want to. Or doing anything if I don't want to.
25. Getting butterflies when you snuggle with someone
26. Starting a night with a stranger and ending it with a friend
27. Being known for me
28. Not having the boy I'm with leave at ten.
29. Meeting random people at random places. Who knows what could happen?
30. Playing with missionaries who are home now

I can keep going, I'm sure. Isn't it fun to think of those things? It made me have a good day. I keep finding new ones and just feeling that little happy feeling in my heart. The Lord is good to me.

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