Thursday, December 25, 2008

Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?

So... my family is awesome.

I live in Utah and forget the cool things that my family does while I'm away. One of those things is sing. Everyone in Utah says they sing, so it kind of cancels out the cool factor when I consider myself a singer.

But then I come home and my family is seriously legit. We went to the temple a few nights ago and I got to sing a few with my family and then sit for the rest of the songs with all of the people that came down (just to see them sing!).

They sang Christmas songs for about an hour, in front of the temple. They have all of the lights up down there and a little musical program each night leading up to Christmas, and the 23rd was my fam. They are so good. It was awesome, and beautiful outside and the spirit was incredible.

Me and Calee after the show

Good thing her voice is prettier than her face in this picture.
She is so funny.

Anyway - it was a really fun way to get ready for Christmas! I am excited for Boog and Pickle to get down here in a few days! Then it will really be Christmas.


Katie said...

I got to go 2 years ago when your family sang at the temple and I LOVED it! I miss hearing your family sing.

Melody said...

I wish I could've seen your fam sing at the temple...that'd be so cool! I'm ditto with Katie--I miss hearing your fam sing! I like to whisper, too.

Calee said...


Thank you for posting this magical photo of me.

I'll call you in five minutes.

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