Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brooke sucks.

Brooke and I just had a conversation on the phone while I was upstairs and she was downstairs. We were discussing whether or not we actually wanted to go to the gym, and decided that since we were both too lazy to actually walk up or down the stairs to have this conversation in person - that meant we shouldn't go.

So we are making food instead. I looked up recipes online and found a stuffed bell pepper recipe that I want to try. We were reading the comments (since we all know that's the best way to find out if an online recipe is any good) and found this little nugget:



Calee said...


your title of this post is mean

still way funny

Kristina said...

Brooke was sitting next to me telling me how un-creative I am with my titles and I was feeling stressed so I went with what came naturally.

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