Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simple Pleasures...

There are steps outside my office where, in the first couple hours of work, the shade from the roof creates the perfect spot to sit and enjoy being outside. Today, as I watched a chubby bumble bee bounce through the flowers across from me, I felt the need to express thanks for all the many simple things I have to be happy about. Here are some that I'm thankful for today:

*the way the sun turns my skin carmel-brown in the summer
*how pretty turquoise anklets look against that carmel colored skin :)
*little treats that are always accessible - like a cold can of Diet Dr. Pepper, pina colada and strawberry Creme Savers, chocolate-dipped walnut and vanilla ice cream bars at Costco (for only $1.35!), fruit & nut granola bars from the vending machine, or cranberry zinger herbal tea.
*the gym. frustration, sadness, emptiness, and regret are temporarily obliterated by weights, crunches, and 6.5 on the treadmill until my brain and body won't go anymore.
*change. instigated by myself, aided by books, people more wise and experienced than myself, and supported by my Heavenly Father.
*playlists. thank heaven for songs like Love is a Battlefield, Put Your Records On, Don't Trust Me (haha am I allowed to thank heaven for that one...?), Airforce Ones, Caribou Lou, Strange (woot Reba!), Realize (even though it kills me), Sun Child (please listen to The Vines self-titled album. love love love it.)...
*making someone laugh. hard.
*finding someone or something purely and genuinely hilarious. and laughing out loud with absolutely no reservations. (see: Bon Qui Qui, Business Time, Demitri Martin, Brian Regan, Kaelani/Nigel/Hakim and Big Sexy in general, Brooke, Taylen's crazy antics and the way Nikki tells the stories, Jan Jorgensen [especially in conjunction with Kristina] <--he is surprisingly hilarious...)
*piano. don't get me wrong, I suck at it. but I love waking up early in the mornings and practicing. something about the way the sun streams through the wood blinds onto the piano...there's a certian magic inherint in the creation process. I love playing and singing. someday I'll do it in front of people.
*writing music. I've had such a great opportunity to work with an old friend and producer on a new rock-pop project. it's incredibly cathardic.
*love. my mom saved me yesterday from a commitment I had that I just didn't think I could handle...I was so thankful for that. soft words from friends when I cry. loving advice, shoulders to lay my head on, sweet encouraging texts from my sisters and friends. love love.
*certainty. I struggled with the same question for the last year and a half. I was just so unsure. but I know the answer now. and regardless of how hard it is, I'm thankful to know at last what the answer is. I'm convinced that there was no other way for me (in all my hard-headedness) to be sure. God blessed this broken road. now I just have to keep moving. chin up.

Now I'm going to enjoy another simple pleasure - left-over, cold pizza with a good friend :)

It's summer. And the gospel is true. Be thankful :)

p.s. Miley Cyrus is ridiculous - but I love The Climb. such a good song. even if she's ridiculous. the end.


Kristina said...

aw calee. i think this may be my favorite post of yours. really really good.

plus, jan will be totally stoked that he was included. ha ha.

Paul O. said...

Is it weird that "The Climb" came on at the LA Fitness stereo and I felt like running even harder?

-Paul O.

Nikki said...

Aww...thanks for the shout out.

Recognizing the simple things really can be the difference between having a crappy day or a great one.

Rachel said...

I needed a little things reminder today:) You are great Calee. BING!

Amber Irene said...

You're MY encouraging texts! :D 1 more week and a day my darling dearest!

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