Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eye to Eye

Hey Friends -

I have a question, and I'm hoping the blog-world can answer. Will you comment or email me at with any tips/advice/contacts?

As you know, I'm doing a bit of soul-searching lately. My latest discovery is the world of Optometry. I'm really thinking about moving into that realm.

- I think I would be good at it
- It uses the science part of my brain, which I really love and it has been so squashed lately with this whole business school business
- It is a low-stress job
- I would get to be helping people
- It pays well
- I can be a doctor and help people feel better without the blood and gross

- I would have to go back to school to do a ton of pre-reqs (1.5 years)
- I would then have to go to the doctorate program for 4 years
- With application processes, that brings the grand total to about 6 years until I graduate
- It is really expensive, like most school

I don't know a ton of information about it - just what I've been able to learn online and from various optometry school websites. I'd love to talk to someone who actually knows. Does anyone out there know an optometrist that I could talk to? Maybe get some hints and advice?

It's exciting to think about a big career change like that, but it scares me to think about making such a drastic move and such a long commitment when I don't even know what's happening to me tomorrow, let alone in six years. Scary.

Anyway. I would love advice. From anyone, but especially from an optometrist. Does anyone have a good contact for me?

Thanks blog world.


Francesca said...

Sorry I can't help you find an optometrist to talk to, but how about some general encouragement? Optometry is something I considered a while back, too, for the very reasons you listed. And it's something I (and you) can relate to. I say go for it! I can very much see you in that career.

I really hope and pray that this confusing not-sure-what-to-do-right-now-with-my-life phase passes and that you will have confidence and peace in whatever decision you make. xoxo

Arica said...

when i saw the title of your post i instantly thought "GOOFY MOVIE!" ..haha, i don't know if that makes sense, but anyway.. like cheski, sorry i don't have any helpful tips, but i say that if it means a lengthy commitment, who cares.. do what you feel like you should do, no matter what.

you'll figure it out.

Kate Challis said...

This is the best advice I can give you for when you're trying to make a decision about something. Write down the options, put them in a hat, and draw one of them randomly.

This is how I picked my major.

Don't get me wrong - you don't have to do whatever it is that you picked from the hat. Just by doing this you will learn which option is the one you really, really want to do. For example, I was torn between French Teaching, Photography, and Middle East Studies and Arabic. I think that the first option I drew out of the hat was photography. When I looked at the piece of paper, I realized that I still felt unsure. That was a cue to me that it wasn't really what I wanted to do.

A lot of times I think people have already made the decision of what their dreams are, but they just can't admit it to themselves. I wouldn't recommend this method before weighing out pros and cons, but it looks like you already did a great job with that! Good luck.

Daddy-o said...

Do it!

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