Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who am I?!

I went longboarding last night. This might not seem so weird to anyone else, but I felt a little silly about it since I usually poke fun at the stereotypical surfer-skater-California image that is conjured when longboarding is brought up. And when I say I 'went longboarding' I mean that I was forced onto someone else's board, and pushed down the street flailing and screaming while feeling like I was going to die.

Ya know what, though?

I DIDN'T die. Shocking!

AND I rode it by myself after a few pushes! Then I carved! AND I enjoyed it! A LOT! Haha how odd to think how many things I'd really enjoy if only I were brave/available enough to seek out the opportunities to try...

Sooo I'm getting a longboard. Yep. I'll probably suck for a while longer, but I'm excited to do something new :) haha - who knows, I'll probably suck forever. watch me not care!

I'm also going surfing with an old friend on Friday. Haha WHO AM I?? It's amazing what things I seek out when I'm trying my hardest to stay distracted....!

So if you feel like longboarding (or surfing. or painting. or making pottery, going to dinner, watching a movie, knitting a sweater, baking cookies, going hiking/camping, watching meteor showers, etc...) with me, let me know :) I'm in.

*love to zac, jeremy, emily, drew, and amber for making this post possible.*


Amber Irene said...

Dear Calee-
You make life possible. Thanks for the shout out! i will SOOO go long boarding with you. Find me a board, i can't afford one. ;)Let's do it saturday after i get home and we shove our faces full of grilled cheese and ice cream calories

Rachel said...

Wow Calee! I'm in for sweater knitting:) Seriously though I'm going to be up in No. County next Saturday. I'll text or FB you.

Paul O. said...

I'm in LA right now working at the X-Games. I'm not even taking photos. I'm just getting paid to hang out and support our athletes. So a lot of the time, I'm just exploring and riding the longboard through Staples Center or Home Depot Center. It's on when I get back. We shall discuss and set a date.

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