Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wish I could...

-leave work and lay on the beach all day today
-get my visa and go to the UK again
-be brave/reckless/spontaneous enough to quit my job and not look back
-finish school before the end of the year
-figure out how to feel what I WANT to feel, instead of feeling what comes naturally.
-go pick up my truck from the shop this afternoon and NOT cringe at the bill...
-eat chicken mcnuggets and french fries without the guilt (and the curiosity about what a 'nugget' really is...)
-move-out without feeling like I'm wasting money
-write music that I want to write instead of having to consider what's best for the project
-do hair AND make the same paycheck I make now :)
-feel beautiful without doing my hair and make-up (not just 'pretty' or 'decent', but beautiful)
-laugh at my residents they call me with ridiculous complaints (see: 'my lights are dirty, can you come clean them?', 'I have this stain on my carpet that I am really upset about' (<--the carpet was BRAND new when they moved in), 'I'm not going to pay my rent this month. Can I just get it to you next month?')
-laugh even harder when my residents call me with legitimate complaints (see: 'There are mushrooms growing out of my carpet!', 'My front doorknob fell off...and I can't get out of my apartment.', 'Someone stole my trash cans...', or 'I'm stuck inside my garage! Help!') <--how have I kept a straight face, you ask? I honestly have no idea...
-feel happy for people I care about even when what's making them happy makes me so, so sad
-run as far, as fast, and as long as Tucker can
-live in King's Canyon
-spend more time with my whole family
-be on the same page, at the same time, with him/the one I'm supposed to be with.
-make it right

I'm going to see Fiddler on the Roof, and Wicked (8th row seats!). I'm going to New York in August. I'm going to have an amazing weekend in Utah starting Friday! I'm going camping on the beach, to San Fransisco in a few weeks, and Seattle in September.

...why do I feel unfulfilled...? ...anyone?...

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Kristina said...

i dont even know you anymore!

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