Thursday, July 23, 2009


WARNING: I am about to vent. Blow some steam. Whatever you want to call it. And if you don't want to read about it, then move on.

Everyone else ready? Let's do this. I don't think there are many things more frustrating than people saying untrue, negative things about you (well, me.) (or you.) (whoever.). Listen, I know that you can't let what lame people say dictate how you feel (like, by getting super frustrated...haha), but sometimes it's just one low-blow too far!! One of the perpetuating issues is that I currently live in an area full of young, slightly dramatic singles who tend to think they know everything about everyone and have no problem wagging their sharp little tongues about it. Look, if I haven't talked to YOU personally about it, then stop assuming you know about it. Isn't it common sense to keep your trap shut about things you know nothing about?? Especially when the things you're saying could potentially get back to the people in question and really hurt their feelings?! Even if you DO know something about it, why would you say mean things about a situation that is tender and sensitive for someone else? 'It's not mean, it's true' is not a valid excuse if it's something negative about the person's character that you wouldn't say to that person's face. And I'd love to see you say the things you've said to my face. Bring it.

What am I?? ROCK?? If you drop me, do I not break?? If you moisten me, do I not grow moss?? (haha Disney reference!) I guess I'm not in such a bad mood since I keep having to delete jokes that have been making their way into my rant. I'm leaving that one in case someone gets my random movie trivia.

Anyways. Moral of the story: even if you're talking about someone who you think couldn't give two craps about you or what you think, you're probably wrong. Look at me. I apparently give more than two craps. And you hurt my feelings. Happy? NOW STOP.TALKING.CRAP.



Rachel said...

Feel better??? Take a nice cleansing breath and put away your voodoo doll. That's right:) I love you Calee. My summer is crazy busy but I would love to do lunch with you. My treat ok?

Sarah said...

I've been told by a not-so-little birdie that the Singles Ward is full of really tight cliques right now. And he's pretty tired of it, too. So, you're not the only one, even if you feel like it sometimes.
And he hates the dating game too. Probably more than you do right now. :) Regardless of all that, it is really lame when people say/do moronic things. At least it wasn't your ex-fiance-turned-hubby's-business-partner's wife, who knows absolutely nothing about you since she has no desire to really get to know you and not make up stuff about your character. And at least she's not a beating. Or, maybe they are, I don't know! :) I love that you can still crack jokes even when people are unceremoniously dogging on you. Way to take the higher road! :)

Calee said...

haha RACHEL!! Yesssss let's do lunch!

Sarah - thanks for always commenting on my posts :) it always makes me smile!

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