Thursday, July 2, 2009

Night Owl

It is really late.

My parents are about an hour away, Calee is a few more hours away, and Nikki and the girls get here tomorrow afternoon. And we are all staying right here, in my apartment.

Do you know what I should be doing right now? Cleaning everything.

Do you know what I am doing right now? Blogging. Writing in my journal. Watching Ace of Cakes. Basically anything besides cleaning.

Have you ever been so tired emotionally that you can feel it in your bones? That's where I am.

And do you know what I do when my bones are tired?

I go to bed and hope my family won't judge me for not having things ready for them.


Francesca said...

Of course your family won't judge you! They'll be too excited to see you to care about whether or not the apartment is clean (and I seriously doubt it's nothing more than untidy). I hope this weekend is emotionally better for you.

Suzanne Shaw said...

Honestly, there is no point in cleaning with all of them staying at your apartment because the minute they walk in, it will be a mess again with all of their stuff and two little rugrats running around. And you know they don't care, anyway.

Have fun! I'll probably see you guys tonight! I'm excited to see Calee perform

Rachel said...

I understand the bone tiredness. Your mom might end up cleaning for you anyway:)

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